streetcarnage's always been my nighttime friend, so i decided to give it a go for another good laugh before hitting a pillow last night.
my frequent drop on the site is ask barf with lesley arfin,
where all the internet geeks get to ask her for help with every random question you can ever imagine.
i adore miss arfin's cheeky writing style and her absolutely charming wit.
i am just close to bestowing her when she answered the question for this blogger whether her blog is considered to be "necessary".
arfin's answer is totally spot on;
"the only thing that actually makes something “important” is when someone says it’s “important” and we believe that person...
what you need to do is try something before you decide it’s no good.
if it doesn’t work out, you’ll know — but trust me there are many more things that litter the world with bullshit...
nothing on the internet is really THAT important (except maybe free porn sites and wikipedia)."
you must've guessed my state of mind right then. i was gratefully touched.
i am like one of them. i question myself from time to time whether what i am doing is right.
but for now, i can't imagine myself doing other things but blogging.
time flies. it's been a year for us in this blogosphere.
184 followers on google friend connect and 50 followers on bloglovin'
we thank you all, and are planning something for the better here. please bear with us.



amazing photos!!

Sarah Dee said...

I always love your posts and this one was spot on. I always wonder why I blog, but I blog because it feels right...
I believe your blog is important. You are a very insightful and reading your words and viewing your photos give me a daily lift.


Anonymous said...

I understand, blogging is a great hobbie and for some people is a full time job.

These pictures are amazing

Mia Bbook

vint junky said...

Gorgeous images and intriguing post...i wait and wonder!

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Blogging for me is a method of learning!

These are wonderful picures!!!!

Char x

The (Style) Realist said...

great images and more importantly great post...i enjoy your writing style..


style-haus said...

congrats on reaching such a major milestone! these pics are pretty incredible...the first one is so thoughtful.


Gayle said...

Amazing photos! Very talented :)
Looks like we've got a deep thinker right here.

-Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com

Wrecked Stellar said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad I found your blog :) Love these shots, esp. the first one. I love that one of his jean legs is rolled up!

Frock Around the Clock said...

Happy birthday to your blog! Is that an eaten corn on the cob stuck to a tree?! :) x

Blackswan said...

Happy blog anniversary! I think once you get into blogging, you are shown and continually being introduced to new insights, perspectives and everything that you see and read is all part of one big yet virtual learning experience. If you enjoy doing it, than there's no reason to stop right?

thank you for visiting! hope to see you around soon!


x Your Only Blackswan

Adele said...

I love the kittyyy

Adele – http://moltocuriosa.com

Bayleigh said...

Really nice pictures! and a great blog!

Xu Box said...

To share your world with the the world beyond is important. I believe you are doing an important service for those who are in need of your provision: art. I love what you've done so far and can't wait to see what you'll be doing in the future.

Btw. I am trying to get my blog out there to affect more people. Would be so kind to link my blog to your bloglist? I've already linked you.

ediot said...

i love your blog. and your comments. seriously adore your photography. its so different from everybody else's. theyre unique and moving.
thanks for that. wish you a fantastic weekend



Frock Around the Clock, that corn stuck to the tree remains a puzzle to us too. very nice street decoration, isn't it?

thanks for your continuous support, guys.

Grace said...

Those gray pants are amazing.

Love Grace.

A.n.E said...

Don't ever stop blogging until the day that you yourself don't feel its important anymore. Along with other people finding your work inspiring, most importantly,you instinctively know your reasons for blogging.

kelsea said...

lesley arfin is my hero. and these photos are epic. you've got yourself quite an insightful blog!