no matter how much we like to observe everyday lifestyle of street wanderers and the so-called 'old siam',
there is a thin line between cultural preservation and an excuse of negligence towards development to necessity.
just can't help wondering how long we have been using (or wrecking) these train cabins,
but they sure do look like some multipled-hand time machine shuttles back to the first world war.
some classical good old days might require a proper renovation every now and then.


Tiffany's Small World said...

it has been a while since I last check your blog. and today, I saw some amazing photos!

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johanna said...

OMG completely in love with these pics

agnes said...

i do agree with you there. the trains looks a bit worn out, but they recall so much memories from the past and serve as a memory-revisit of the past...

some decoratings would certainly bring back their glory days to present :)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Amazing photos!! I agree with you about the old railroads and trains! We shouldn't neglect them! By the way, I love the music on your blog! xoxoxoxoo

johanna said...

This is art!

My trendy blog said...

I love these pictures !
I could stay here for a long time.. Your blog is amazing !

vint junky said...

I love your eye for details that others wouldn't always catch. perfectly harmonious dusty colours, wonderful images!


ediot said...

what a wonderful song you have on the site. really sets a mood. and the photos are magnificent- per usual.
they're moving and capture my interest instantly.
hope youve had a nice week
thanks for stopping by


style-haus said...

always enjoy your photography and how you capture the beauty and realism of everyday life. agree these trains do need a bit of tlc!


Stylelover said...

I absolutly love this pictures!!! so amaizing

Anonymous said...

I remember these train cabins but now I travel in a much modern train but these are great sets for photography.

Rianna Bethany said...

Amazingly real images.
Very rustic
Like them a lot
Rianna xxx

Xu Box said...

These photos of the trains and the station reminds of a very vivid childhood memory. It's weird how long it's been since I last revised it. Thank you for reminding me with these photos, it was a bittersweet recollection.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!


Janine - La Vie said...

These pictures are so adorable!
Very great blog.

Love &kisses,

Brandy Shaloo said...

train stations make great photo motifs.

Aron said...

I love the feel of these photos!

Blackswan said...

every time i visit your blog, your music gets me. such a pleasant visit each and every time. these photos are wonderful and most of all honest. i've been going to the same train station ever since I was a little girl, and if i saw a photo documentary of the place up until im an old nanna - now that would be something indeed.

always a pleasure.


x Your Only Blackswan

menina raposa said...

great blog, great pics

Jasmin said...

love these photos!


Carla said...

The photos are amazing.


n8 said...

I've been there many times, but sadly, no great photos like yours. Great work!

Romany said...

Governments certainly have their priorities, don't they? They would probably see a project like this as a waste of time, despite the necessity. Sigh. What has happened to the world?
On the bright side, I do love images like this. Very real. Gritty. Raw.

misslikey said...

perfect location for editorial. photos are just beautiful

silviasiantar said...

just found your blog and in love with it

following you now


A.n.E said...

These are such great shots - capturing the essence of it all.
It's so refreshing and relaxing to see these, esp after a hectic fashion week!!

It's a touch call isnt it - preserve or restore...can't just have the best of both worlds.

Julie said...

These pictures are both beautiful and haunting. What a history those cars have.

gucci uk said...

there has one word that i do wanna say: gorgeous