mysterious, puzzling, and deliriously charming.
fahd husain from painted negative rebuilds his own philosophy beyond the textbooks
through his self-taught photography skills that we are craving to possess.
we endure the angle he seems to capture and a powerful emotion he tentatively conveys in every picture.
such a rare beauty is hard to resist. all the prints are now available here.
ps. the debatable issue of a so-called higher education is coincidentally crossing our mind at the moment, too.
Photo Credits: Painted Negative


attitude! said...

Beautiful photos you have here! Congrats*

attitude! said...

Beautiful photos you have here! Congrats*

ediot said...

i love that firs photo - its absolutely divine. and i love the song being played too. now im off to see your great etsy store again ;)


johanna said...

I'm doing a post about your lace collection! I'll post as soon as I can. I hope you like it.


that sounds grand, johanna. thanks much!

krystyna said...

i love these!

Xu Box said...

the female form truly is beautiful! I love the composition of these photos. The grainy, black and white effect give them so much more depth and mystery.

Mia Delessi said...

These photos are amazing
I love the first picture

Mia Bbook

style-haus said...

simply striking. love the contrast in the first pic.


the.inspired said...


Sarah Dee said...

I absolutely adore the first photo!!


hélène said...

I'm sooo obsessed with ballet, those first shots are absolutely breathtaking.

Blau von T said...

adore those ballerina shots

Neon Blonde said...

Such incredible shots!Im so glad I came across your site and your etsy store! Just beautiful!