this is close to a personal message of the mid-20's dilemma where i am starting to ponder whether it is really correct to set life in pure order.
many questions are dwelling in my tiny brain of all the conflicts between factual scenarios and assumptions.
it is the utmost attempt of mine to balance my identity through a career and a passion
while juggling the answer hidden behind the two paths - a pure fascination or a stable security.
oh freedom, will you be just another long-lost childhood fantasy of mine?
Photo Credits: brief magazine, ilikeyoursundaypersonalitybetter, deadweight on velveteen, fashion what,
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Kara Marie said...

i feel like im in the same stage you are in... if only life's decisions were a little bit clearer and easier to make :(

Fashion wild said...

What is grumpy?
(Ps: Amazing music on your blog!)

johanna said...

i love this pics SO MUCH

ediot said...

wow. these photos are so capturing. youre always sharing these strong images.that makes me stop and look. and look again. deeper within the images.
i visited my grandmother yesterday- and we talked about growing older- and not younger.- and how strange it would be if it was the other way around..---
about the dilemmas of your life- im also struggeling with what to do- i want to work with clothes and fashion- but i already have a teachers degree-
but no passion for it right now.. and i think that is of most importance- to have passion for a job- if youre gonna be doing it well.. but then again how many feels like that? its hard- really hard to decide. but that is a part of growing up - growing older..


commodestyle said...

Fabulous pictures,
really inspiring!!

drollgirl said...

beautiful images, and i love this song so much. i am cranking it right now!

it is hard to find the right kind of work in life. very hard. but i hope you find the magic job/career that hits all the right notes for you.

Big Daddy said...

Cool blog.
Im struggling with this too. How do people balance?

indigotangerine said...

You have a knack for finding the nicest photos. They always say so much in their simplicity...



to tell you the truth, i have been struggling with this dilemma during the past week on whether i should try two jobs or just take a chance for my ultimate passion full-time. i have asked myself about it and realized that i am not quite ready in many ways. there might be some skills i need to accumulate before i feel more ready and confident to the track i'll be doing for the rest of my life. all this process may take time, so i'll keep a close eye on how i am pursuing my life and hopefully i'll get to find the path soon.

thanks all for sharing the love.

anni said...

That last photo is so magical !

A.n.E said...

its funny i think both of us are going through a similar patch as you- a kind of crossroads. Its funny how where we are and what we want can be such a contradiction and on the whole such a process. Hopefully we'll all hold on to that thread of passion that's in us at the end of the day.

a + e

Anonymous said...

love your blog, following :)
check out mine if you have time