arto lindsay and marisa monte
every culture has something to offer. design is one of them.
but a design that plunders the ethnic diversity evidently can never just be ignored.
given that we are already fans of simplicity, a mix of ethnic screen prints that travels beyond just being easy is like a bonus.
galeria mercado, found by daniela goulart and josana matedi, is a brazil-based brand
that cherishes a cultural vibe to contemporary design through its t-shirt profession.
so wear the tees, drink up some caipirinha, listen up to the recommended sound of arto lindsay and marisa monte's, and take a visit here.
Photo Credits: Galeria Mercado


Tayler said...

These are really amazing screen prints. Thanks for sharing about this t shirt designer!


Fashion wild said...

amazing photos!

indigotangerine said...

wow, these prints are gorgeous, i love how they are displayed against such rich colors.

ediot said...

nice prints. i think you know im doing prints myself- but im not doing silk screen yet- so i find it so appealing. mine are handpainted.
i love the tee/dress in the second photo. thanks for sharing im off to check them out.

about the midsummer night- title. it is indeed a fairytale- or a play rather- by shakespeare.
a midsummer nights dream.. although i havent read or seen it.
hope youre having a wonderful weekend

xx ediot

Mumbles said...

those photos are so nice
I really like those tees too
and the blue and pink dress from the second is so nice
hope you're having a nice weekend



very strong and amazing fashion items! I am in love for the models and the grafic style...so cool!!!!

drollgirl said...

love the look of these prints.

coincidentally, i am wearing a funky print dress today and i feel fab in it. ha!

hope you are having a good one. :)

Linnea said...

really cool, many of the designs would look amazing on an oversized T! the pictures are lovely! :)

Xu Box said...

I love culturally inspired designs. They are always so creative and different.I think we can all use more globalism in the fashion world.

Elaine said...

Great pictures.

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