"i imagined her naked,
lying on a bed of animal fur,
small moustachioed men,
smelling of horses and sweat and woodsmoke
taking turns to lose themselves
in her plump white breasts,
her eyes closed,
her full-blown rose lips parting and unparting."
joanna preston's "lydia of the lace doilies" is already self-explanatory for our collection.
imagine being your own self feeling super-comfy in a light-hearted room?
the "idreamtofeel" collection dances with joy to a sexy lace gathering of delicately intricate floral patterns
with an impeccably soft and romantic feeling unveiled.
the words have been said enough. come feel the sweetness here.


our impression towards this photography cannot be made into a clear explanatory manner.
tada varich's sensual lense view on feminine bodies is so alluring.
it liberalizes the limited view of sexuality so beautifully.
the mellow attraction is so visible with the genuine curves and seductive lighting.
an exceptional exposure is beaming through the fine lines of a woman's glamourous figure.
come share with us your thoughts. how do you view them to be?
Photo Credits: TADAMAFIA


inspirational thoughts for summer days always save us from the recent rainy days in bangkok.
milin's "(a)way back into love" spring/summer 2010 collection is a daring method to spruce up your wardrobe
with sophisticated shapes of geometry and a new japanese origami folding technique for the midsummer dreams.
it is more than certain that its long maxi dress to flaunt some sexy-looking flesh is hitting huge this summer.
kindly note that a new experiment of those savvy strappy heels of six inches tall (oh yes)
is also being introduced to the collection for you stylesighters.
go ahead. walk down to the beach shore with milin here.
Photo Credits: Milin


although the name of carl wilhelm klingspor sounds pretty royale as we hear it,
his photogenic journal is even more in a condition of magnificence.
every close angle to his perspective has caught us in some delusions of grandeur.
the greatness is flaming out right here.
ps. really can't stop releasing the noise of hi tiger's "dance around" off the head.
it's a deja vue-eliciting obsession. help.
Photo Credits: Carl Wilhelm Klingspor


"there isn't any symbolism.
the sea is the sea.
the old man is an old man.
the boy is a boy and the fish is a fish.
the shark are all sharks no better and no worse.
all the symbolism that people say is shit.
what goes beyond is what you see beyond when you know."
- Ernest Hemingway


it's more than about time for new etsy items right?
new fabric with more mature shapes in style can only twirl you around til you wanna leap your feet above the ground.
let breakneck speed break your wallet this summer right here.
ps. you can count on us that there will be a flood of new items along the way!


this is close to a personal message of the mid-20's dilemma where i am starting to ponder whether it is really correct to set life in pure order.
many questions are dwelling in my tiny brain of all the conflicts between factual scenarios and assumptions.
it is the utmost attempt of mine to balance my identity through a career and a passion
while juggling the answer hidden behind the two paths - a pure fascination or a stable security.
oh freedom, will you be just another long-lost childhood fantasy of mine?
Photo Credits: brief magazine, ilikeyoursundaypersonalitybetter, deadweight on velveteen, fashion what,
flickr aoifejohanna, benedikte olsen, catherine pri