don't park in front of this person's house cos it ruins the feng shui, the writing says.

oh and don't you dare steal his stuff cos he had already written up a full list of curses to your greatgrandparents. (please do self-censor.)

enough of us acting like some fashion pretentious snobs here,
please allow us to get back to being our own self everyday ordinary streetwalkers with this post.
well, to tell you the truth, we tend to appreciate clothing and all like every other woman.
but once it goes out of hand by getting dressed to impress, it is dead annoying.
we'd prefer blogging to a point where we enjoy doing posts we like,
but who are we to judge what is in and out in a so-called fashion term?
so everytime when we post self-taken photos, it just feels like a true leisure.
guess that's the reason why we think blogs are better than magazines and catwalks.
it's not only in a blogger's fashion sense,
but the surroundings and aesthetics all make up a great influence on one's perspective beyond the "fashion" scope.
even if it's a love/hate scenario with bangkok life, this city is the daily regular atmosphere that never bores to inspire us.
so surely, being truthful never grows old.


Anonymous said...

I agree, blogs are better than magazines. In magazines they only shoes famous people and they write about general fashion, I prefer blogs because that way you can see real people and maybe get some inspirations.

I love the photos, did you take them?


yup those were self-taken.

chloe said...

thanks for the tattoos comment :) haa, the "person's" notices are too awesome! really really love your documenting of real-life bangkok, so great to catch stuff like that :)

i used to be a magazine freak but now im always immersed in blogs to the extent that i lose track of time on my laptop, blogs rule! besides, how would i have ever 'met' you any other way!? x

Linnea said...
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Motart said...

Great pictures i love them, congratulations. Frank

Linnea said...

i completely agree with you, sometimes i just get sick of blogging clothes, life is so much more. we all have our joys and pleasures but reality is both mysterious and a fact. the woman in my pictures is my grandmother, she is full of energy despite of her illness. :) i love the pictures!

Leather and Lace said...

love these photos! especially the feng shui note!


liz said...

the photos are beautiful and make me envious. New York is hot and gross right now and not at all as beautiful and interesting as these photos.

drollgirl said...

love the photos, and i really REALLY love what you wrote. keep it up. well done!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Keep doing what you are doing, it's a great mix. I love your Bangkok pictures - superbe quality and very inspiring!

ediot said...

ah if only i could go to bagkok soon.. these photos make me wanna go! it looks like a fantastic lively city.
and i know its so good for independent designers- siam square is there right?

xx ediot

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

these photos are magnificent...i can't help loving that little kitty

Xu Box said...

Again, amazing photos.

Thank you for your kind words, it feels great to have someone who actually read my posts rather than just look at my pictures and comment on what I wear. And I agree with you, being truthful never grows old. That's why I try to be as honest and outspoken as I can. Thank you for supporting me in that.

rhiannon.eden.victoria said...

lovely pictures!
ur blog is great!

Mumbles said...

ahaha I loved that quote about feng shui
I always love all the pictures you post, they're great
hope you're having a nice week


A.n.E said...

these remind us of the family-owned businesses and shops in malaysia, + childhood.

also thank you so much for even reading our lil blog- your comments mean alot to us - especially when we find your work so inspiring. really appreciate your photos + the stories + lives they capture.


Tiffany's Small World said...

love the photos!


yup ediot, we got siam square here in bangkok. the place was partially burnt down but it's now in between renovation. guess we all can expect a new comeback soon.