travis burch's "you're an angel & i'm gonna cry" and "chloe's dance" are perfect for a dreamy weekend,
curling in bed amidst of all the political drama in bangkok.
piano/mandalin melody sets afloat in the air with these random collectibles,
lifting our minds up a bit from the fact of staying indoors rather than struggling through the street chaos.
enough said, feel his music here.
Photo Credits: tumbling towards ecstasy, catherine pri, czechoslovakia, don't touch my moleskine, kinga burza, effyeahalexachung,
modern proverbs, nicholas lorden, papertissue, paper n' stitch, the joanne
Music Credit: travis burch


PinkBow said...

i love these images!

Starr Crow said...


the nude shot is so perfect with the sweet vintage blouse and pretty stem of flowers..very tasteful. love the list in it's simplistic display as it connects all those human feelings we experience. ferris wheels at sunset. reflections on a pond and a view that reflects just how small we are and how calm things can be. summersaults in the sand. freedom. pretty dresses that feel so soft on your skin.

so many things to treasure here.

See Hear Say said...

nice collection of pretty images and awesome music for my sunday afternoon!

Margaret said...

what a gorgeous post :)
so inspiring
great blog!
love everything you put up
stop by some time xx

daisychain said...

thanks for your comment; you have a great blog.

cat said...

great pics! love all about them together :-) xx cat
CiTiEs of B

St_BÂȘnn said...

great great great!!

a. said...

awesome, awesome, awesomeness.