really, do you have what it takes to be beautiful?
this is one symbolic spot in bangkok's chinatown - people await in line on the side road for hours to get their facial hair picked out.
it is said on their handwritten ad to help circulating the facial bloodflow and solve every other skin problems all in one.
what a miraculous cure. c'mon, will you do it?


Mr.Right said...

I like your blog!, what a fab pics u take, worth it the pass by, you're now in my links, hugs from barcelona.

avalonne said...

Hello! I discovered your etsy through NEET Magazine, then your blog. Your photography is amazing :) Love your blog, following now!

b a r t a b a c said...

Hi!!I love your blog and your pictures!I was in Bangkok 3 years ago, and I really love it!!
Kisses from Spain!!
b a r t a b a c

Angie & Lucúos said...

Thanks to pass by my blog and leave such a nice comment...Having a look to your blog I've seen really amazing pictures..Following now!


Noshabelle said...

Cool images!

A.n.E said...

o wow! an eye-opener!
once again great images

Kalli said...

wow! amazing post!!
As for the "hair drag out", is it really different from all the things we're doing on our faces and body in order to be hairless and have a skin like a baby???


well kalli, we suppose it should feel the same like using tweezers picking out eyebrows. but this should cause more pain, it's the whole face. darn. never try this out ourselves though. thanks for the great comments guys!

Hasonló said...

Did this here in Vietnam with my legs. Show you the picture later, when I have my camera with me.