mindblown by the surrealist artworks of Princess Marsi Paribatra's, the collection truly sparkles from an exceptional artistic soul.
every character seems to dance vividly in a profound fantasy even the creation of this masterpiece was done ages ago.
as quoted by MR Jisnuson Svasti on the Princess in the bangkok post: brunch magazine,
"For her, life is a big party.
It's not a party in the sense of revelling.
It is co-existence of creatures, humans, men and women and animals.
It's also about love, death and separation under Buddhist belief."
Photo Credits: bangkok diary, rama9art


Anonymous said...

i like <3

dodz said...

wow.. what is that? is that painting or computer made?

dodoy said...

wow its great painting..


these are some of the oil paintings on canvas of surrealist art by the Princess herself. they are far beyond computer-made ones with such delicate details and greatly adorned at the moment.

Anonymous said...

cool and intersting. strong motives and scenes.

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dame said...

Wow, these portraits are really amazing!