after the long promise we had made earlier, we understand it's been a great while we haven't posted personal photos.
these images will get your eyes bloody red.
we went for a streetwalk at the main street of yaowaraj - bangkok's infamous china town.
we almost died in the sun stepping along the food-filled road.
every corner seemed to fill up with food everywhere.
all the food booths only started to set up, but there was a messy flood of people already.
we love the energy and the vibe of a chinese new year, especially in thailand where festivals always be so fresh.
either valentine's or any religious new year, you name it.
we are those types to celebrate them all.
(photos to be continued.)


loen. said...

aawh thanks for the comment! i really like your blog! so lovely! you're on my bloglist now.
much love.

Constança said...

Great photos! You really should post more personal photos! Love it :)


A.n.E said...

i can feel the festive/ raw atmosphere in these. love it. have never seen Chinese New Year captured in such a way.

ponyhunter said...

wow, what spectacular photos, i'm certain your blog will do well. happy lunar new year!

le pearl said...

wow what amazing images!

The Owl Diary said...

these photographs are fantastic. xx

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo's, love the colours and the vibe that it has. the sunglasses are fab.

vicen said...

Your blog in my

starrcrow@live.com said...

i really enjoy your blog. gorgeous photography.


thank you everyone. we got tons of self-taken photos waiting to be posted. we are committed to doing posts on our photos more so bear with us a bit here. still more to come!