a label to note: milin's "the witch list" collection is just rebellious.
a bold but yet sassy line captures our attention with its fascinating stylish spell.
milin shines once again with its signature of self-made fabric prints through the sensational classic tone.
definitely in need to cast a spell of witchcraft to own them all here.
Photo Credits: Milin


Elisabeth Isabelle said...

Heart it!

pink horrorshow said...

the lighting on this lookbook is fantastic.

Kennedy said...

lovely post as always, and hey thank you for your book reccomendation! i've never read anything by david foster wallace but have been meaning to for always. you think i should read the one you suggested or the girl with curious hair first? or does it even matter?

mumbles said...

those collections of not so known designers are the bests

G&M said...

tres tres chic!