never before had i ever expected a good time out of a money talk show discussing about economic top issue 2009.
but yet i have to say i was pleased with what i heard from this show, it surely was different.
when asked for a financial suggestion on this upcoming year 2010, the show guest had only the simplest thing to share.
he said, "god teaches human to accept past mistakes and be progressive. live your potential and do what you love.
enjoy life. no matter what goes on in this world, you're still on your own happiest ground."
i wish 2010 to be your new year for a peace of mind.
ps. away for a vacay this holiday. blog later.


it is the love towards the ocean that i can never cheat it with anything. it is for keeps.
of all the sea shores that i have ever set foot upon in this life, i am more than sure that krabi is the most beautiful paradise.
no doubt. as to be quoted by some parts of my all-time favorite poem,
"It's found again!
— What? — Eternity.
It's the sea mingled
With the sun.”
- "L'éternité", Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891)


christmas in the room. be merry.

Leila's playlist on her blog, ninunina, is just rad.

Video Credits: Vitalic - Poison Lips, The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage


going funky with casino graphic lights in macau.


off the energy we went.
it's high time we swifted away into illusions.


"someone's tale 77th" is definitely one tale to astonish.
with its punk/rock fashion-forward pieces of heavily embellished clothes and extremely rich-designed accessories,
these are a combined result of total delicateness.
this brand is a true dazzler, not to be typically expected from the regulars.
uniqueness is one sure thing someone's tale 77th certainly knows how to offer,
and you'll never regret its design to be a significant part of your treasury.
the full-throttle brand website is shortly upcoming. meanwhile, check out its blog here or email here.
Photo Credits: Someone's Tale 77th


sevda of Weareyouneak has tagged us on her post to show our seven bling-blings.
we guess "less is more" is now out of the question?
ps. the chain reaction goes on to molly, kennedy, and siska. let's?


currently in the midst of the national father's day.
a very personal post of my dad's old photos during 1970s.
some were taken by himself during his working days in hong kong and japan.
study his face and you'll sense his passion and determination.
he is my world.


inspired by the story of thailand's royal figure, prince bira, in bangkok post: brunch magazine (november 29 - december 5, 2009 issue).
with his passion towards racing, he formed the white mouse racing team together with his cousin to join the world championship level
after world war II. take some time to read more about it here.
and you'll see why some histories can still remain ageless and charming.
Photo Credit: bbc london

random mood still remains from samed island.