having come across these eye-catching works by luo yang and hasisi park.
if only we could be half this good.
Photo Credits: luo yang, hasisi park


off to samed island in rayong where time means nothing.
simply be the moon shining in the night as the ocean waves are sweeping all your routines away.
let's just lie down on the sand and set adrift to the night dreams.


every human yearns to unleash one's inner desire and escape from a daily discipline.
that's how we view disaya's "celestial warrior".
this a/w 09-10 collection captures the imaginary treasure of every childhood dreams at its best.
just to wander among the stars and fly away to the farthest universe with the laminated fabric, embroidery design, and laces.
all as a feminine signature to cherish the hidden memories once again.
Photo Credits: Disaya


have you ever heard of a life's last minute story when you're close to death and every life scenes come in a one-minute recap movie?
that was it with one of our Nikon D5000s.
the last picture was its very final moment to the ground captured in MMC.
it is now in good hands.


wandering the airport.
seeing the scape.
expecting the jet to macau and hong kong.


while it was all about halloween on the other side of the world, we were celebrating the loy krathong festival.
a long, but not yet lost, tradition to pay respect to the goddess of water.
simply put, a miraculous beauty.


a supposed-to-be-business getaway at kirimaya, khao yai.
pretty ideal, isn't it?