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3 of the Best Online Fashion Catalogues for Spring 2016
If you're bored of the same old clothes on the UK high street, shopping with an online catalogue gives you more choice and helps you save money in the process. Here are three of the best online fashion catalogues for spring 2016.
1. Look Again
Look Again have a wealth of female clothing in stock and you'll be able to spread the cost of your purchase. From shirts to skirts, jeans to jackets, Look Again are one of the UK's largest catalogue retailers and offer promotions and discounts throughout the year, where you can grab a bargain and save money on your purchase. Search for the latest products or sign up to the company's email newsletter to receive the latest discounts direct to your email inbox.
2. Kaleidoscope
With a large range of clothes, shoes, and accessories, Kaleidoscope is a catalogue retailer that has everything under one roof for the forward-thinking fashionable female. New customers can open a catalogue credit account online or by phone and make repayments in monthly instalments. There's also the option to have your order delivered to your door. Using Kaleidoscope's website is easy, with various navigation options that will take you to different sections of the site. You can also check out the landing page, where you'll find the latest offers and promotions, including new products that have just gone on sale. At Kaleidoscope, you'll find big name brands and clothes manufactured by retailers you haven't heard about yet.
3. Fifty Plus
Looking for clothes online? You'll find everything you're looking for at Fifty Plus, a huge catalogue retailer that stocks clothes and accessories for women in sizes 10 to 34. You'll discover formal wear and casual clothes, as well as bags, accessorises and shoes in various styles. You'll be able to apply for an account and make repayments on the phone or when you log into your online account, and you can choose from various delivery options, including next day delivery. At Fifty Plus, you can even use a promotion code to save money on your purchase.



fallin' for monotone skin with leather on leather.
a touch of rawness shouts okay for any season through the snow to the sun.
what else could better scream a breakthrough vibe than vivienne westwood at this period? i assume none.
below is the list of my friday night outfit inspiration:
1. women's chevalier panelled black leather jacket: unparallel lines of skin wrap for some edgy endeavour
2. women's skyscraper iii black pearl court shoes: pearl ankle for a little rock 'n roll sensation
3. women's piccola pelletteria polka dot nero black purse: stampede polka dots give one-of-a-kind texture to the touch.
4. women's draped navy jersey dress: all swoon over the asymmetric draping throughout the dress
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We can expect that the trend of evening dresses during Autumn-Winter 2015-2016 models are straight and high above the knee. Modern straight dress should be free, but in any case, not tight-fitting. We assume a charming dress with short sleeves and straight silhouette.
The gimmick has become a stand-up collar, which gives any unusual dress and charm. Such dress fit slim girls, despite the fact that they can hide all the flaws of the figure, they must remain free and to demonstrate the fragility of the silhouette.
But evening dresses line during this coming season, in contrast, presented by models with a variety of fabrics, lush skirts and pleats. Holiday dress should be bright and memorable, and cheap homecoming dresses from Ihomecoming prove just that. Winter dress 2016 lace patterns are presented, as well as dresses and tweed coat.
Uncharacteristic for the cold season lace, again at the top of popularity. Designer stresses that winter fashion dress should be a little below the knee, and to be sleeveless. The style is visually reminiscent jersey. To emphasize the waistline, the design should be able to offer with a thin strap and come as custom design along with stylish brim.
Despite the fact that the cold season suggests dark colors in your wardrobe, we can expect bright and vivid colors like an orange dress – ‘tis the fashion trend of the season! However, autumn fashion 2015-2016 is still fur dresses anyhow.
After the craze of the summer ‘70s fashion, fall 2015 also brings big proportions of the retro and Bohemian feel of this particular fashion era, letting us enjoy our suedes and flared designs for yet another season. After the craze of the summer ‘70s fashion, fall 2015 also brings big proportions of the retro and Bohemian feel of this particular fashion era, letting us enjoy our suedes and flared designs for yet another season. The 1970s groovy prints also made it into the collections of Ihomecoming affordable homecoming dresses themselves, suing psychedelic waves and optical stripes to really push the taste limits on stage.
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a wedding party on hand this coming september; freaks for heels on the go.
been browsing hardcore all over the world-wide-web, and there goes brantano that finally puts my feet on the leap with joy.
stylish heels and pumps with affordable price, this is merely a dream-come-true.
can't believe these patterned beauties with embroidered lace, sexy skin, and sassy colors are now on sale for much less than 50 pounds.
don't let fashion wait. go grab 'em now at Brantano!



september will be a lost love meeting up at once again for me and my boyfriend as the distance has kept us apart for almost a year.
i'm planning to roll over a surprise gift for him and a new outfit inspiration for myself in this very occasion.
i've been noticing that our casual style are pretty different - he's more of a preppy guy whereas i'm more into a rocker vibe.
Repertoire Fashion offers many promising brands on its site,
i'm most certainly eyeing on Barbour jackets and Ralph Lauren polo shirts as of now.
check out the website and start your shopping spree now!
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it's time to bare your love.
inspired by the serene bohemian vibe trending along the backless trend,
we all yearn for these dream wedding dresses in a little gypsy vibe without becoming overexposed on the big day.
beautiful ruffles, embroidery lace, and delicate cutouts are our ultimate priorities for this affectionate ceremony.
these ideal style collages will not stay just a dream;
cheap bridal gowns ultimately save every woman's holy day in grace without breaking a budget.
angelic elegance with a glimpse of skin - just right for the perfect occasion.
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Here comes the season of wistful white dresses upon us. These wedding dresses I’ve found online are potential design I might be wearing for my upcoming nuptials. They implement similar looks from each top collection of designer brands. I can guarantee that sassy and sensual are what we can rely on for Fall/Winter 2015. Plunging necklines, color, blingy embellishments, short hemlines, open backs, cutouts and long sleeves all make their way into many runways.
I love dozens of different embellishments to any length of hemlines. Many design above will make even an absentee groom shocked at the many shapes and shades of a wedding dress. Whether it’s the roaring ‘20s, an invasion of crop tops or a look taken right off of the big screen, I’ve spotted the noteworthy details that are sure to be seen on brides next year.
A lace overlay and a ¾ sleeve will no doubt fit into any fall wedding. For a twist on long sleeves, we can all be prepared to see covered arms paired with bare shoulders next fall. It’s also important to find the right balance of sophistication and sex appeal in the gown.
Painterly pastels and metallic are hot for wedding reception d├ęcor, and designers have taken note. Many bridal brands are incorporating brides’ favorite fixtures into their bridal gowns. One example is a sherbet colored gown with a hint of metallic that will surely make a statement. Beautifully embellished gown stands out in a shade that’s somewhere between lavender and pink. Pastel is also the new ivory, so going full-on with color will never be a mistake.
Take a sample style from Angelina Jolie, who always makes a statement, not only as a bride but also on a red carpet. Her thigh-high slit has found its way into fall bridal collections. You’ll be feeling like an A-lister when you strut down the aisle. A simpler gown shape works perfectly with a thigh split as high. You can also opt for sleeves when you’re choosing to show off much leg leaves just enough for imagination. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a slit but going about it with a little extra modesty. “Conservative slit” is the best way to describe a cap-sleeve gown.
Bridal boot camps are going to be all about sculpting your backside next year, so be prepared to work it! Low backs, keyholes and illusion netting are on their way. The temps might be cooling down but the gowns are oh-so-hot. So tell us, which design is your favorite?
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Fashion trends of 2016 so far
Fashion is always changing. If you are the type who always love to look your best, and wear what the stars are wearing on the runway, knowing what the latest fashion trends are is of utmost importance. If you would like to see a variety of catalogues you can visit a catalogue comparison site. So, what are the trends so far in 2016? These are a few which have hit the runways this year.
Rounded shoulders -
Not only do they go well and look good in any colour scope, they also help to slim you down. Rounded shoulder tops can be worn on dresses, blouses, jackets, coats, and nearly any other top. Add in the fact that they can be worn with slacks, jeans, a skirt, and can be dressed up or down, and you have a great look for any occasion.
Collar up -
Wearing a dress with a collar? Flip it up. Oxford tops? Same thing. Polo shirts, or any other type of top worn with a collar, will be seen on the fashion shows and runways as being worn up, rather than flipped down to the traditional style and use.
Slits -
Skirts are always in; whether you choose to go longer or shorter. The more slits there are, the more the lengths vary, and the more unique they look, the more you are going to stand out on a crowd. Various slits on skirts are a great way to look your best, and are going to make a great statement no matter what room you walk into.
When looking for the top trends in the fashion world, there is always something new you will see out there. As of the early 2016 season, these are a few of the top trends which have been seen this year, and are sure to carry on through to the rest of the year, and possibly into the 2017 year coming up as well.