never before had i ever expected a good time out of a money talk show discussing about economic top issue 2009.
but yet i have to say i was pleased with what i heard from this show, it surely was different.
when asked for a financial suggestion on this upcoming year 2010, the show guest had only the simplest thing to share.
he said, "god teaches human to accept past mistakes and be progressive. live your potential and do what you love.
enjoy life. no matter what goes on in this world, you're still on your own happiest ground."
i wish 2010 to be your new year for a peace of mind.
ps. away for a vacay this holiday. blog later.


Cookie said...



Rissa said...

Lovely photos and those words couldn't be more true.
Happy new year :)

mumbles said...

i love the photos
beautyful images
and blog


Kennedy said...

enjoy your vacation and happy, happy new year! as always your pictures are beautiful and inspiring. <3

a. said...

and so in love with that song.