it is the love towards the ocean that i can never cheat it with anything. it is for keeps.
of all the sea shores that i have ever set foot upon in this life, i am more than sure that krabi is the most beautiful paradise.
no doubt. as to be quoted by some parts of my all-time favorite poem,
"It's found again!
— What? — Eternity.
It's the sea mingled
With the sun.”
- "L'éternité", Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891)


electric feel said...

these pics makes me want to go to the beaches of Bali!!

Constança said...

It's so beautiful and inspiring!

su said...

ohhhh how nice

Panda said...

Just randomly stumbled on your blog, and i love it!
You have such gorgeous style, and i love these pictures :-)
Well done, i must follow you!
Panda xx

Anonymous said...

what kind of camera do you use if you took these?

andwhatelseisthere said...

Nikon D5000 did its job :)