"someone's tale 77th" is definitely one tale to astonish.
with its punk/rock fashion-forward pieces of heavily embellished clothes and extremely rich-designed accessories,
these are a combined result of total delicateness.
this brand is a true dazzler, not to be typically expected from the regulars.
uniqueness is one sure thing someone's tale 77th certainly knows how to offer,
and you'll never regret its design to be a significant part of your treasury.
the full-throttle brand website is shortly upcoming. meanwhile, check out its blog here or email here.
Photo Credits: Someone's Tale 77th


Earlene said...

as always , you have a stunning pictures! and i always be in love with all these pictures <3

caroline duke said...

i knew when i clicked over here and radiohead's "talk show host" started playing, i was onto something good.

yes... love your blog.

LA BURRITA VIEJA magazine said...