currently in the midst of the national father's day.
a very personal post of my dad's old photos during 1970s.
some were taken by himself during his working days in hong kong and japan.
study his face and you'll sense his passion and determination.
he is my world.


loft in soho said...

Lovely post and images!!!!!

thanks for the visit dear,


Kennedy said...

what amazing old relics to have! my dad is my world too <3

Anonymous said...

Like father, like daughter. Thanks for sharing this!

Gegenstück said...

oh what a sweet post
your dad seems to be a very nice and lovely person!

Fine Little Day said...

I like these photos.

Sophia said...

these photographs are simply amazing. i love flipping through my family albums and looking at pictures of my mother and father...those b&ws that are slightly yellow around the corners. there's just something in those pictures that i no longer find in photographs nowadays.