Somebody feel free to correct my understanding here (Belgians and/or Europeans permitting). Ever since I moved to Belgium two years ago, I have come to realize the similarity of weather convergence between London and the overall climate of Belgium. Winter in Belgium is defined by a chilly feeling with drizzle rain. Within one day, there is a mix of sunshine peeking through when an hour later brings down to a big thrill of melting snows touching down the grass as rain. Not sure if it is a taboo but I rarely see Belgians carrying umbrellas instead of wearing raincoats. Probably it is a matter of convenience when you have to rely on transportation without having to worry about carrying loads of things all at once. Personally, I find umbrellas to be a type of cute and stylish accessories to your winter plus rain resistant outfit. Especially when you have an auto open stick umbrella found on Bagail.com with a wide size used in the golf court, there is nothing to worry about your umbrella flying away to the hard wind. It has proved to be windproof, sunproof, and waterproof.
Style comes at a good price with wide array of six colors to choose from. Check out its info below:
- PROFESSIONAL GOLF UMBRELLA: BAGAIL 62-Inch Golf Umbrella is used by many golfing professionals due to its durability and effectiveness. The Bagail golf umbrella is equipped with a vented double canopy, rubberized comfort grip handle, and auto open mechanism.It is quite large.The 62-inch diameter canopy provides coverage for two people.
- WATERPROOF & SUNPROOF FABRIC: The water resistant canopy uses 190T pongee micro-weave fabric. This silk derived material is ultra water resistant and mold resistant with SPF 50+ protection (blocks 99.95% of sunrays).On top of that, it’s light in weight and very fast to dry.
- FIGHTS THE STORMY WEATHER: The vented double-canopy design adds strength and flexibility. The solid framework underneath flexes with the wind so that the umbrella keeps its shape The fiberglass ribs, hub and shaft do no conduct electricity, so you can safely use this umbrella in stormy weather throughout the course.
- COMFORTABLE & CONVENIENT DESIGN: Ergonomic handle with PU coating, maximizes comfort and grip security. Easy to open with automatic opening mechanism ensures that there will be no delay to your comfort. Simply press the button on the handle to open.
- LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: The vented double-canopy has been designed to resist inversion by allowing wind to pass through the canopy, plus has a lightweight but strong fibreglass frame for extra protection.We stand behind the durability of our umbrella and offer an unconditional guarantee against any defects in craftsmanship.
Photo Credits: Pinterest